Welcome to Launch List Formula

Welcome to our unique Amazon group. What Launch List Formula offers our members is truly one-of-a-kind and complies naturally with Amazon's policies. Here's how and why:

  • Our system brings back the original product launch formula, before the runaway madness of the coupon code system.
  • Our system is preferred by Amazon as our promotions are technically available to any Amazon shopper.
  • Our system allows you to buy products at incredible discounts and safely post verified purchase reviews. These are the types of reviews Amazon want to see and there are no limitations on how many you can post.

Here is how it works:

  • We will send you promotion information by email. In most cases you can expect discounts to be at least 75% off the normal Sale price, often even better than that!
  • Each email will contain a link to the product's Amazon page. If the product is for you then just go ahead and buy it, but be quick as the promotion may be short lived. The great price will be available on the product page there and then - there is no need to request a coupon code.
  • If you feel like posting a review for the product then you can do so without apprehension. Remember that your review will be registered as a verified purchase review, highly appreciated by the seller, and fully compliant with Amazon's new policies (just remember not to leave any sort of disclaimer as these are no longer necessary).

To make sure our great promotions don't end up in your spam folder we recommend you add the following two emails to your contact list: kate.ellington@launchlistformula.com and members@launchlistformula.com.

Easy as pie! All we require from you in return is strict adherence to our membership terms, which we can simply summarize as follows:

  • Never purchase more than one item
  • Never share the details of a promotion

And that's all there is too it. You keep to the rules and we keep sending you great product offers!

Thank you for joining our great team. Lets make our relationship together a long and happy one!

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