The Launch List Formula

The Launch List Formula is the original system for a successful Amazon product launch (before the runaway madness of the promo code system). Today, this system is more effective than ever before, and here are the two key reasons why. First of all, Amazon’s algorithm will register every sale made during your promotional window as an organic sale (i.e. available to anyone). When it comes to Amazon’s search terms rankings this is viewed as more influencial than sales made via promotional/coupon codes. Secondly, because Amazon will only be registering organic sales during your promotion any product reviews you receive from your sales will be recorded as verified purchase reviews. In the current climate (considering Amazon’s recent review policy overhaul) any review that is not a verified purchase review is not only lacking in social validity but is also a serious risk to your selling account. The Launch List Formula is not only the most effective way to promote and develop your product, it is also the safest.

How does it work?

In most cases the formula is simple, but on occasion a little extra planning and tweaking is required. Here are the basics:

  1. You determine a date and a time when you substantially reduce your product’s offer price (on its product page). We generally advise at least 75% off the normal sale price, or, if applicable, just above your product’s Add On price threshold (more about this below). Keep in mind that the greater the discount, the greater the number of sales, and the higher the chance of a good verified purchase review return rate.

  2. We schedule an email to our members (with information about your promotion and a link to your product page) to coincide precisely with the timing of your product’s steep price reduction

  3. You maintain your steeply discounted price for an agreed period of time, generally between 1 hour and 24 hours (don’t worry we will show you how to protect your inventory so that you are in no danger of overselling, and you will of course maintain the right to cut your promotion short at any time)

  4. Our members will be able to purchase your product during your promotional window

  5. Amazon’s algorithm will register your sales as organic sales, thereby naturally improving your product’s rankings

  6. Based on all evidence to date, many of our members will subsequently post verified purchase product reviews on your product page

That, in a nutshell, is the Launch List Formula, which is really just an extension of a simple launch/sales system that has for years been employed by many successful Amazon sellers, and often with lucrative results.

What about Amazon's Add On Program?

Depending on the nature of your product, Amazon’s Add On program may be a relatively minor inconvenience that could determine the minimum price at which you can run your promotion.

Amazon’s Add On program is only relevant to products fulfilled by FBA. It means that certain low-priced products cannot be purchased on their own unless they are bundled into an order totaling at least $25. Whether you know it or not, your product may automatically be listed as an Add On item once priced below a certain threshold.

If you are unsure whether your product is liable to Add On status (Amazon provides no deterministic criteria for sellers, and the system itself cannot be reliably analyzed as it is full of contradictions) then you will need to test your product prior to running a promotion with us. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Determine the promotional price for your product (for example, 80% off). Then log in to your Seller Central account and reduce your product’s price accordingly (i.e. reduce it by 80%). Please note that you may wish to protect your inventory during this testing period, especially if your product is already ranked well for popular keyword searches (more on how to protect your inventory below). Additionally, if you find your product's listing is inactivated during this process please refer to the Important Note below.

  2. Once you have reduced the price, carefully watch your product’s product page (refreshing your browser regularly). Once the price has changed on the product page keep watching (and refreshing) for at least 15 minutes.

  3. If the Add On label appears on your product page go back to your Seller Central account and increase the price by a small amount (usually $1). Now repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you find the price threshold where your product is no longer listed as a Add On item.

  4. Now you know the price you should set during your promotion with us (it is the price that is just above the Add On price threshold for your product)

Important Note: After reducing your price below a certain point you may find your listing is automatically blocked by Amazon. If this happens you can easily reactivate your listing by visiting the Fix Pricing Alerts page, which you can find in the Pricing drop down menu. Here you just need to adjust Your Minimum Price and Your Maximum Price so that your promotional price fits within this range, and then press Save.

What else do you need to know?

Here are a few more important things you need to know before running a promotion with us:

  • Inventory Protection - Our members have been carefully selected after demonstrating their reliability and honesty over a long period of time. Despite this a small risk remains that details of your promotion could leak, potentially triggering a large number of sales from other sources. Therefore we strongly recommend that you protect your inventory. So if you haven't yet clicked on the 'Learn How To Protect Your Inventory' button above, now is the time.

  • Promotion Scheduling - when communicating with us the timing of your promotion (the point in time when your steep discount starts) you must communicate in Pacific Time (PT), which is the currently observed time on the US West Coast ( Furthermore you should schedule your promotion to start at some point between 6am and 7pm PT.

  • Product Reviews - The incredible benefit of this formula is that any product reviews you receive will be registered by Amazon as verified purchase reviews. We do need to stress however that our service aims to be 100% Amazon compliant, therefore we are unable to guarantee a single review. To ensure our compliance we cannot ask our members to post product reviews. That said, we do know that many of our members love reviewing products, and there is nothing stopping you, as the seller, to appropriately request reviews from your customers yourself (for more on this, click on the 'Review Request Templates' button below).

  • Amazon product page links - To protect you as a seller we generally do not recommend the use of dynamic super URLs. When generating organic sales super URLs are not as important anyway since organic sales normally take precedence with Amazon’s algorithm. However, if you wish for us to include a natural link to your product page (this is one that you copied after searching for and clicking on your product, or a simple generic one that you created incorporating popular keywords) then we can normally do this.

What about the costs?

Your entire promotion with us could cost you as little as $69 US. This covers your promotion fee (the setup and email distribution) and is the all-inclusive cost for small-scale promotions targeting sales of up to 40 units.

Of course, small-scale promotions are not your only option. We offer 3 tiers to match whatever size promotion you are planning:

  • Small-scale Promotion – $69. For promotions targeting sales of up to 40 units.
  • Mid-scale Promotion – $99. For promotions targeting sales of between 40 and 100 units.
  • Large-scale Promotion – $129. For promotions targeting sales of over 100 units.
In the very unlikely scenario that one of our members purchases more than one unit of your product (which is strictly against our policy) then your payment also includes an analysis of your order data and a directive sent to the offending member instructing them to immediately return/cancel any excess units or face permanent expulsion from our group.

We also offer an option to spread your promotion over multiple stages, which can be a clever way to better trigger Amazon's algorithm and improve your product’s search terms rankings. Once you have decided the scale of your promotion (above) then you can break your promotion up into stages. Adding a stage to your promotion will incur only a small added cost:

  • Adding stages to your promotion - $25 per stage added.
Note that if you choose to run your promotion in stages then you may need to reset your inventory protection quantities at the end of each stage (based on your sales volumes).

Slightly confused by our price options? Here is an example to help clarify:

  • Sally decided to use our service to help her launch a new product. She decided to run a small-scale promotion over 2 stages within the space of a week and offer approximately 40 units to her promotion. For this she paid $94 (Small-scale promotion fee of $69 plus $25 for the second stage she added to her promotion). We then used our experience to estimate the number of our members to inform about her promotion at each stage* so that she would make approximately 20 sales per stage (she ended up making 45 promotion sales in total which was a nice bonus for her).
*Our system ensures that no member will ever be informed twice about the same promotion.

Please pay via our Payments page which you can access by clicking on the button below (a PayPal account is not required). We normally require a promotion setup period of only 3 business days.

Refund Guarantee: We do not want you to pay for more than the service you have received. Therefore, if you pay for a higher level promotion (such as a Large-scale Promotion) but only achieve promotional sales consistent with a lower level promotion (such as a Mid-Scale Promotion) then we will refund you the difference between the two service levels, guaranteed!

Getting Your Promotion Started

Have you read everything about our formula and are you ready to get started? If so, and if everything is clear to you, then please feel free to create and schedule your promotion. You can do this quickly and easily by visiting our Promotion Page and sending us the information we need (just click on the button below).

Of course, if there is anything you wish to discuss with us first then please email your Launch List Formula support contact. We understand that every promotion may have its unique set of questions.