Once your business is in the fast lane you can afford to sit back and watch it from one of life's slower lanes....

Once your business is in the fast lane you can afford to sit back and watch it from one of life's slower lanes....

What exactly is the Launch List Formula?

The Launch List Formula is getting back to basics, with some modern twists. Why? because the basics work. The basics are the principles of success that have been the foundation of successful selling for centuries, and continue to be the bedrock to this day. The modern twists refer to the application of these basics to the Amazon marketplace. It is knowing how to leverage and manipulate the product launch formula to better stimulate Amazon's algorithms and increase the chances of receiving valuable verified purchase reviews.

More on the modern twists....

First of all, an emailing list should be a lot more than just an emailing list. The emailing list you need to successfully drive a product needs to have the right membership. This does not mean an endless list of any Amazon customers who just happened to stumble by and apply to join. What it means is a limited membership list of conscientious and enthusiastic Amazon shoppers, most of whom are happy to call themselves product testers, and all of whom understand their importance to Amazon sellers.

But this is just the beginning. The Launch List Formula is based on the successful experiences of long-time Amazon sellers. These are the kinds of sellers who have always known better than to use the potentially dangerous Amazon review clubs of the past, and they are the kind of sellers who know how to manipulate an email list and product launch process to optimize for:

  • Product keyword rankings
  • Product best seller ranking
  • Receiving verified purchase reviews
  • Longevity of organic sales
  • Free social media promotions

The current selling climate

The Launch List Formula strategy is perhaps more important now than it has been in previous years. With Amazon's banning of incentivized reviews (October 2016), obtaining non-verified purchase reviews (via coupon codes) now seriously risks your selling privileges. Amazon clearly wants to do away with products that have a large proportion of reviews sourced from coupon code promotions. Evidence also indicates that Amazon customers themselves no longer trust products that are lacking in verified purchase reviews.

Thankfully there is, and always has been, a better way to improve your product's performance. The most powerful Amazon sellers have been launching products and improving sales with the same formula that we at Launch List Formula use. 

And unlike those review clubs that came before, this formula is safe, simple and inexpensive.

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