Review Request Emails

Once your promotion is over we strongly suggest you send emails to your customers thanking them for participating in your promotion and requesting that they take the time to write a product review. So long as you don't offer anything in exchange for a review then you are acting within Amazon's terms of service and have nothing to worry about. We recommend you send a thank you email even if your customers already receive automated emails via an emailing tool. In fact, if you manually email your customers via your seller central account you will even be able to reach those Amazon customers who have opted out of receiving automated seller messages.

Below are four email templates that you may find helpful. Be aware that all of our sellers are shown these templates so take that into account when formulating your own email (a little bit of originality can go a long way).

As for the best time to send your thank you/review request emails? This may depend on the nature of your product, but generally we recommend sending them 7 to 14 days from the date of sale.

Email 1


Dear [Customer's First Name]

I quickly want to thank you for participating in our snap promotion on Amazon. We have high hopes for our new [Product Name] and we really appreciate your involvement in our product launch.

What we would now value most of all is your feedback, especially in the form of a product review on Amazon. You can probably imagine that it is very hard to sell a product on Amazon without good verified purchase reviews.

Please remember that any review you choose to leave about our product will be registered as a verified purchase review and will also be fully compliant with Amazon's policies (since our promotion was available to any Amazon shopper), which is good news for both of us.

So if your experience with our product is a positive one please be so kind as to leave a review, we would really appreciate it. On the other hand, if you are disappointed in any way please just reply to my email so that I can address your problem. I honestly want to do everything I can to make sure you are happy with your purchase!

Thank you again for your valuable support.

Kind regards,

[Your Name] from [Company/Brand Name]


Email 2


Hi [Customer's First Name]

Please let me thank you for supporting the launch of our new [Product Name]. We have spent a lot of time making sure this product is the best possible quality at the best possible price.

If you agree that our [Product Name] ticks all the right boxes then please let other shoppers know by posting your product review on Amazon. This is the kindest thing that you could do for us right now and we would be most grateful.

Quite honestly, the value of a good verified purchase product review cannot be overstated! Please remember that your review will not only be registered as a verified purchase but will also be fully compliant with Amazon's policies (since at the time you purchased our product it was available at the same price to any other shopper).

Thank you again for your support. If there is any way that I can assist you as one of our valued customers please just reply to this message and I will get back to you asap.

Best wishes,

[Your Name] from [Company/Brand Name]


Email 3


Dear [Customer's First Name]

Thank you so much for participating in our snap promotion on Amazon! We are happy to have been able to offer you our [Product Name] at such a great price and we really hope you like it!

Please be so kind as to complete your good work by posting a quick review about our product on it's product page. This will really help us out!

Please forgive me for getting straight to the point but I really don't want to keep you any longer than necessary.

Thanks again, and all the very best,

[Your Name] from [Company/Brand Name]


Email 4


Dear [Customer's First Name]

I know you've already done me and my company such a great service by buying our [Product Name] during our cut-price Amazon promotion, but I still need to ask you for one last thing....

Please take the time to post a product review on our product's Amazon page. I'm not joking when I tell you that a good review can literally make my day, sometimes even my week!

I seriously hope our product has made you happy and I would love to read about it, but of course, if you need any extra support please just let me know by replying to this email. I am here to help.

Many thanks,

[Your Name], owner of [Company/Brand Name]